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A Travel Guide for Talking Hearts

Find out how to create your own heartmap on September 23 with Yo-Yo Ma, artists, and U-M students.


A Travel Guide for Talking Hearts seeks to engage multiple audiences – students and members of University of Michigan’s communities – in a creative process that strengthens our human connection and develops a shared empathy around individual journeys and experiences during the global coronavirus pandemic, the current transition period, and the evolution to a new normal. The travel guide is a response to how “fixed” many of us have been, geographically, over the past year when at the same time maps, surveys and data about risk and hospitalizations have been part of the public discourse. These maps don’t reflect the emotional lives of people though and A Travel Guide for Talking Hearts offers a chance for people to explore and be in conversation with each other after a year of many forms of isolation. Participants take a kind of “journey,” and end up in a different place than where they began. This collaborative project attempts to make sense of the pandemic – including the upheaval, the grief and the uncertainty of it all.

Share your #heartmap journey by completing the form below through written responses to selected prompts or as audio or video clips. Responses will become part of an archive of the emotional experiences of the pandemic.