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Sep 23 2021 | A Travel Guide for Talking Hearts

How would you map what you have felt and experienced over the last 18 months? Join Yo-Yo Ma, Michigan artists Nour Ballout, Tunde Olaniran, and Avery Williamson, and four U-M students on a journey into our hearts.

Oct 14 2021 | Future of Art: Coco Fusco The Right to Have Rights

Artist, writer and scholar Coco Fusco presents a vir­tual talk, presenting research on Cuban artists con­fronting the state, and work deal­ing with repressed his­to­ries of the rev­o­lu­tion­ary era in Cuba. This talk will be fol­lowed by a Q&A mod­er­ated by U‑M Pro­fes­sor Larry La Foun­tain-Stokes (Amer­i­can Cul­ture, Latino/​a Stud­ies, Romance Lan­guages and Lit­er­a­tures, and Wom­en’s and Gen­der Studies).