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Call for Collaborative Projects

Deadlines: April 26, 2023 and September 25, 2023

Mission: The U-M Arts Initiative seeks to illuminate and expand human connections, inspire collaborative creativity, and build a more just and equitable work through the arts.

The Arts Initiative seeks large-scale collaborative projects to activate the campus; increase arts engagement for students, faculty, staff, and the region; and catalyze discovery through interdisciplinary partnerships. The Initiative is interested in a broad scope of projects that may be local, regional, national, or international and that reflect collaboration, involve multiple units/organizations, promote engagement and the growth of new and diverse audiences, and aligns with the mission of the university and Arts Initiative. We are interested in seeing some projects that may be thematically related to other broad campus/community initiatives. Several projects will be selected each year that reflect a diversity of artistic, intellectual, and expressive modes, as well as audiences.

Grants for this project are in the range of $20,000 to $100,000.


  • Applications will be accepted from all U-M personnel with authorization by their unit, and by students who are part of a recognized student organization or have a sponsoring unit of the University that agrees to be the recipient of funds on behalf of the student.

Project requirements

  • Partnership between two or more schools/colleges/units
  • Includes a significant student engagement component
  • 1-2 page summary report after completion of the project

How to Apply

Applicants can submit proposals through Slideroom.

Applications must include:

  • 1-2 page description of the project, its purpose, and how it aligns with the goal of the grant program
  • List of collaborators or participants and their affiliation
  • Timeline of project
  • A budget that includes use of grant request and any additional funds

Collaborative projects that include one or more of the following components will be prioritized:

  • Campus-wide demonstrations
  • Collaboration between the arts and non-arts units
  • Activates non-traditional arts spaces
  • Additional funding beyond the grant
  • Engages and broadens student participation in the arts
  • Involves students in design and implementation of the project
  • Encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and discovery
  • Engages the community and the public
  • Demonstrates and advances diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Rethinks or reforms traditional formats or venues for where art takes place
  • Promotes culture change around the arts on campus, making the arts central and visible to wide segments of the community within and outside of the University

Projects that this program supports might include: bringing an exhibition to campus that addresses a particular social issue; a research project that focuses on the arts and science; piloting new arts engagement opportunities for students; and/or collaboration with an artist or curator to create new work on campus. Project support includes funds as well as administrative support from the Arts Initiative, to be determined based on need and scope of the proposed project.